The Campaign for Fair Procurement (CFP) is a group of entrepreneurs, business leaders, lawyers, and procurement experts dedicated to exposing the astronomical amounts of waste caused by the public procurement system.

Our Goals

  • To expose the huge sums of taxpayers’ money wasted in the tendering process.
  • To collate examples of wasteful initiatives, such as “social value”.
  • To build a coalition of business leaders, entrepreneurs, procurement professionals and other stakeholders, to cut through public procurement red tape
  • To deliver value for the UK government’s £379 billion annual procurement budget 
  • To work with other groups that share our values and vision for fair procurement practices, such as our partners at the Adam Smith Institute
  • To champion small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their contribution to the UK economy, and to fight for a level playing field that will foster innovation and competition across every industry
  • To put pressure on the UK parliament to review, repeal, and replace bad legislation that is fair to businesses and taxpayer

Meet the Team


Robert Jessel, Co-founder and CEO

[email protected]

Robert is a communications and public affairs professional and seasoned political campaigner. In 2019 he co-founded Fair Cop, the pressure group dedicated to exposing the police’s infringement of citizens’ rights to freedom of speech. The campaign resulted in the landmark High Court judgment Miller v College of Policing and led to Home Secretaries past and present putting pressure on Chief Constables to stamp out police forces’ infringements of citizens’ rights under ECHR Articles 8-11. Robert’s other campaigning work includes strategic consultancy for organisations including LGB Alliance, Don’t Divide Us, Independent Network, and Together Declaration.