The Paralysing Grip of Net Zero

The Paralysing Grip of Net Zero

As the nation lurches from crisis to crisis, one constant persists in the British government's strategy: an unwavering commitment to drowning its problems in a sea of red tape.  Whatever the...

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Launch Release - Campaigners call for repeal of the Social Value Act

London, 7 November 2023 — A new campaign is calling for the repeal of an obscure law that costs the taxpayer billions of pounds each year, buries businesses under an avalanche of red tape, and prevents small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from bidding for government contracts.

The Worst Law You’ve Never Heard Of : An Introduction to the Social Value Act 2012

The Public Services (Social Value) Act is one of the most anti-competitive and anti-SME laws in living memory. Intended to align public procurement towards improving social and environmental outcomes and reducing economic inequality, the Act was conceived with the best of intentions. Distressingly, it suffers from a range of serious shortcomings.

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Has your business lost valuable government contracts thanks to the insane complexity of the Social Value Model? Can you provide examples of pointless and wasteful initiatives delivered under the guise of ‘social value’? Drop us a line to let us know, or discover how you can support the campaign.